4x4 Road Trips - Self-drive Uganda and Rwanda

4×4 Road Trips, self-drive safaris in Uganda and Rwanda. Rent a car for holidays on a self-guided tour. Pick up a vehicle in Kigali – Rwanda OR Uganda in Entebbe or Kampala from your hotel. These tours have so much to offer for those visitors of independent spirit. Pick up from. opt for a one-way car hire from Kampala in Uganda to Kigali in Rwanda. Plan for Camping holidays (with rooftop tents) and save more on your African self-drive tour. A self-drive holiday is an ideal way of savoring the highways and these exceptionally diverse parts of East Africa.  Whether it be a wildlife experience that may lead to National Parks, and private Game Reserves have to offer, or cultural and ethnic diversity, Self-drive Safaris in Africa can provide something for everyone. The scenic beauty draws visitors back repeatedly, boasting contrastingly spectacular environments such as magnificent coastlines, impressive mountain ranges, and semi-desert landscapes that are occasionally transformed into spectacular “oceans” of wildflowers. The fascinating topography is set against the backdrop of a vibrantly developing country whose strength lies largely in the combined goodwill, and friendliness of its richly diverse communities.

Why Self-drive (4×4 Road Trips)

  • Because it’s your preference.
  • It’s cheaper than a guided tour.
  • Good roads, and sophisticated infrastructure.
  • You are a returning visitor who appreciates how easy it is
  • You prefer the freedom of your own decisions whilst traveling.
  • Long distances covered easily, and quickly – but not too quickly!
  • Safe as any sophisticated country on major routes and local byways.
  • Outside of the cities, extremely low, almost boring (!) traffic density.
  • The fuel price is affordable – compared to a lot of regions in Africa.
Visit Zambia
Self-drive Holidays and Over-landing

Safaris Africa and One-way Rental

Choose East Africa self-drive safaris. These safaris are the most done in the region because of safety and flexibility in terms of cross-border and accessibility. You can drive from Kigali to Kampala and all this way through is so interesting. You have a lot more to see and experience throughout this road trip. From Rwanda, through Uganda Kenya, and Tanzania. One-way rentals coupled with camping will save you a couple of dollars which will elongate the trip. Our 4×4 cars are designed for such trips, and we have a team that will always guide you in the preparation process before you decide on the routes to take.

Go Camping in Uganda

Book a Prado for Camping Safaris in Uganda. Choose a single or a two double tents for budget Safaris in Uganda and Rwanda. We have great deals for long term rentals.

4x4 Self drive Rwanda

Go for safaris in Uganda on a self-drive tour. Book a 4x4 Land Cruiser for off-road Land Cruiser is best for Overlanding Safaris and it's an auto-transmission a great deal for 4 persons

4x4 Kenya
Go Camping on Kenya Holiday
Drive in Rwanda
Self drive and Car Rentals

The experience

Be part of the African experience Safari Adventure holidays and Self-drive Tours. Cross-country tours and one-way rentals are the best way to maximize your time. Select a combination of countries for multi-safari trips. These overland tours are exciting because they have a lot more to offer you. Combine Gorilla tours to countries like Uganda in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, Rwanda in Volcanoes National Park, and the Virunga in DR Congo. Hike the highest mountain Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the great Ngorongoro, and the famous Masai-Mara Game Reserve in Kenya. South Luangwa National Park in Zambia on the other hand is one of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries in the world. With a variety of wildlife, South Luangwa National Park is really special. The Luangwa Valley is the only home to subspecies such as the Thornicroft’s giraffe, Cookson’s wildebeest, and Crayshaw’s zebra. Premier photographic opportunities not only with the mesmerizing landscape but with the large concentrations of game present

We do the following

  • Booking of accommodation.
  • Booking of the rental vehicle.
  • Booking of internal air flights if necessary.
  • Assistance with pre-planning prior to arrival.
  • Country-wide support network for rental vehicles.
  • Booking of activities, e.g., side excursions, golf, etc.
  • Provide basic framework itinerary and travel vouchers.
  • Advice and suggestions to help the itinerary pre-planning.
  • Ongoing advice and support during the duration of the holiday.

Get the real African experience with a great team. We are a team of Safari Guides dedicated to creating an adventurous holiday for you during your stay in East Africa. We will always guide you where to go and the best places of your interest.


Go for East African safaris and Self-drive tours to Rwanda and Uganda and track the endangered Mountain Gorillas in Mgahinga, Bwindi and Volcanoes National Parks respectively. Depending on your budget and the experience you would like to take on, choose a destination for this excursion.

Willife Safari Adventures - Game drives and Tours

This is the most common activity for any traveler to East Africa. With many national parks and reserves in the region, you will spot hundreds of mammal species around this region. The most profound ones are in Serengeti and Ngorongoro in Tanzania although there are more interesting places to visit around East Africa

Hike in Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda

Hiking safaris in Tanzania to the most famous Kilimanjaro and Meru, Mount Kenya in Kenya, the great Rwenzori Mountain in western Uganda, and the Virunga Mountain ranges of Bisoke, Gahinga, and Muhabura in Rwanda are some of the most interesting hiking adventures you can choose from.

Car Hire Africa – Rent a Car in East Africa from 4×4 Road Trips

4×4 Road Trips offers you low-cost car rental services in Rwanda, Uganda Tanzania, and Kenya. With 4×4 Road Trips (rent a car for Self-drive) you get one of the lowest prices on your Africa Holiday and global car rental market combined with superb service. It only takes a few minutes to contact a team member to reserve a car for a cross-country road trip. Whilst 4×4 Road Trips understands the convenience and relaxing nature of driver-guided schedules, we also fully appreciate the need to offer an alternative service for those visitors who prefer to conduct their own independent itinerary on a self-drive basis. In order to fulfill this, need we partner with other recognized vehicle hire companies, who have some of the most competitive rates currently on offer, together with 24-hour service and on-the-road assistance that only the infrastructure of a well-established and organized company can offer. The fleet is both modern and extensive, with a choice of vehicles to suit all preferences and budgets, and the few pictures shown provide only an indication of what is available.

Benefits include:

  • Delivery and pickup service
  • Pickup, Drop off points, and Full Back up services around East Africa
  • All Insurances, with no excess payment in the event of accident damage
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Travelers Companion – comprehensive map book, roads, city streets, emergency contact numbers, agent support details
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