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We offer camping safaris in southern Africa to all the big 5 game reserves. We operate in East and Southern Africa. Booking your safari with us is easy and done with absolute peace of mind as we will take care of everything from your arrival to your departure all you have to do is enjoy Africa with all its sounds smells and sights. If you want you can design your own safari or you can book one of our planned safari trips. we also offer 4×4 overland trips that can take you across Africa in fully rigged 4-wheel drive vehicles, here the possibilities are endless. We offer outfitter adventure camping safari holidays in East and Southern Africa with wildlife safari holidays.

    Rent a 4×4 with rooftop tents for Kenya wildlife Safaris in Masai Mara wildlife migration safaris in Kenya, Amboseli tours Kenya backpackers’ safaris, Kenya & Tanzania combined 4×4 camping wildlife safaris, and adventure walking safaris in Kenya. Camping in Uganda, Rwanda, to Tanzania in the Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro crater tour. Africa budget camping is the best way to spend time in these vast wildlife grasslands where lodging in safari lodges tends to be costly.

    Land Cruiser (Double Tents)

    A 4x4 Land Cruiser with two rooftop tents typically for Africa Overlanding Safaris best for 4 persons. We provide you with all the necessary camping gear. Cross-country road trips and defining where to pick up your car and where to drop off. Insurance is provided on all our vehicles and documents for crossing borders are all availed to you on departure.

    4x4 Off-raod Land Cruiser

    We have these reliable 4x4 for your African holiday Safaris and Camping. You can choose ground camping or rooftop tent camping. We offer great rates on longer rental periods. One-way rental is affordable with 4x4 Car Rentals around the region.

    Electric Car Fridge

    This is a 40 liter electric car fridge which comes on every camping package. It always works when the car is runing.

    Foldable Camping Chairs

    For every camper will have a chair. These can can support up 100kg of weight.

    Sleeping Bags

    These come in all sizes. So its better you tell us what size you need depending on the heights

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